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HANG FRESH | Wax Melt Freshener

HANG FRESH | Wax Melt Freshener

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Hang Fresh is the best way to scent small spaces sustainably. Made with soy & coconut wax and the finest fragrance oil; these cute decorations are aesthetically pleasing, smell beautiful and double up as a wax melt once you’ve finished or as the scent starts to fade.

We have used the finest of fragrance oils which offer a stunning hot and cold throw; bergamot, apple, lily, rose, sandalwood & musk. This is just a delightful fragrance suitable for all.

 Melting Hang Fresh on a wax melter will reignite the scent and provide your space with further gorgeous freshness. Just remember to remove the buttons and string. 

We recommend breaking the melt up into pieces before using on a burner. 

Each pack contains 2 decorations. 

All packaging is recyclable. 


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