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THE COFFEE MACHINE | Diffuser Refill

THE COFFEE MACHINE | Diffuser Refill

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100ml eco friendly refill pouch & 8 reeds.

Top Notes: Coffee Vodka, Rum

Heart Notes: Coffee Liqueur, Cocoa

Base Notes: Caramel, Vanilla

Ideal setting: Dinner parties & Mornings

Rich and aromatic. Transform your space into a cozy coffeehouse with the perfect blend of espresso and velvety smooth vodka notes. This diffuser will fill your home with a delightful fragrance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you're a coffee lover or a cocktail enthusiast, these coffee inspired wax melts are a must-have for your relaxation routine. Treat yourself to a luxurious and sensory escape right at home! 


Pour the contents of the pouch into your empty diffuser jar. Place 4-5 reeds in the top and let the scent immerse your space. 

Diffusers give off their best scent throw in higher traffic areas as the air moves around the reeds.

All of our glass jars are re-useable and we operate a fully sustainable brand, where all of our packaging is recyclable.




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